Raw materials

Walking around the Anuga show this stand for Brazilian Beef caught my eye. I couldnt work out what the bikes were for and why they had used REAL grass! This was the first morning of the show and already you can see a worn path developing. I love how they have used plain timber sterling board for the structure. But it made me stop and look, and of course I remember this stand which I guess is the whole point of what we do in exhibition stand design.

Perimeter Banners

I’m a big fan of exhibition stands that have suspended banners around the perimeter of the stand space. They give great definition of the stand space in addition to great branding opportunities. Exhibition stands like this are more common in Europe because venues there are more embracing of using drop wires. I’ve just completed a design incorporating this banner style for a show in the UK, and I’ve had to design steel support posts into the concept to incorporate the banner because the organiser was only allowing drop wires for their own advertising banners!

Octanorm Maxima Light

Another example of an affordable modular exhibition stand. Exhibition stands built using modular profiles can still look good. I designed this stand using Octanorm Maxima Light. The benefits of a modular exhibition stand are its reusablity and cost effectiveness. This stand has been reused at several exhibitions in different stand sizes.