Raw materials

Walking around the Anuga show this stand for Brazilian Beef caught my eye. I couldnt work out what the bikes were for and why they had used REAL grass! This was the first morning of the show and already you can see a worn path developing. I love how they have used plain timber sterling board for the structure. But it made me stop and look, and of course I remember this stand which I guess is the whole point of what we do in exhibition stand design.

One thought on “Raw materials

  1. Funny you should mention ‘real grass’ making a memorable exhibition stand – back in 1986 Mercedes used real grass in shipping containers to form picnic areas on their NEC motorshow stand…

    …Even though the only things that mattered to me back then was: who gave away the best posters, and who would let me sit in their cars. I was 10 at the time.

    Keep up the Blog!

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